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Quality concrete

Concrete for every application

Our job is to make your concrete purchases as simple and streamlined as possible. Whether it's a small load or a 200m³ pour, we'll be able to help you make the right decisions for your project. 


We're based in Shropshire and Cheshire, but you can call us from anywhere to locate the right concrete products for you. 




Speciality mixes

Concrete Line Pump Job.jpg

Concrete Pumping

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Construction & Groundworks

Delivering concrete

We're based in Shropshire and Cheshire, delivering quality concrete on-site and on time.


If you're calling from elsewhere in the country, we will do our best to answer your concrete needs today.

Need help?

Calculating your concrete needs can be fiddly business. That’s why we’ve included a concrete calculator to help you.


What’s more, we’re always on the other side of the telephone to talk you through mix recipes, amounts and delivery. 

Haven't seen what you're looking for?

Let's have a conversation. 

Accreditations and memberships

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