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Concrete Quality Control - We are up to BSI Standard

Concrete quality control at MD Aggregate Supplies Ltd is very important.

We like to pride ourselves with knowing that all the concrete that leaves our yard is up to BSI standard. To be up to BSI standards we have to go through some rigorous concrete quality control testing in order to get our certification. Both our batching plant and the concrete quality is tested by an external auditor to gain this certification.

Every year we have to go though this process. Which enables us to send our concrete out which meets with the BSI standard. This accreditation reduces the risk to you and your customers. Giving you complete confidence that we have been independently evaluated for our competence and performance capability.

We have just recently just passed our audit for this year that states that we are meeting with BSI standard for all our concrete that is leaving the yard!!

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Nov 20, 2020

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